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Crafting/Food/Postcards/Other Wonderful Stuff
jlm121 wrote in help_midwest
If you would like to offer handicrafts of any type, food, postcards, or any additional items not covered by the media arts or the written word this is the place for you!

If you're offering multiple works or a reserve bid please do so in the additional info section

The Bidding Rules

Bid by commenting on the offering post
Bids should be raised by whole dollar increments

How to Offer
This section has been edited allowing a buy it now option. The person offering the crafts/food/other wonderful stuff may determine a buy it now amount. If you've already posted your offer you may put a buy it now amount in your comment thread. Thanks!

User Name:
Aim/Yahoo/Twitter/Your Communication Method of Choice:
Webite/LJ/Dreamwidth/Etsy Examples of your work:
What you are offering:

Additional Info:
Starting Bid:
Buy it now amount:

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User Name: sleepygoof8784

What you are offering: A circular baby blanket as pictured below. It's a daisy(ish) design in yellow. Will make it an another color for an additional 6 dollars (what the large skein of yarn costs, I already have the yellow yarn)

opsadaisy afghan

Additional Info: I will be very happy to ship internationally.
Starting Bid: $40
Buy it now amount: $75

Edited at 2011-05-26 11:56 pm (UTC)

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